Social Media Marketing: A Game Changer in Business

The traditional approach to marketing a product or service to potential customers has always been through television, radio, billboards, and even newspapers. Technology is constantly evolving and people rely on their phone and tablet devices for everything. Our society has grown in to a “screen” generation, and businesses are experiencing the adverse effects on how they can get a message across to consumers. The answer: social media marketing; a complete game changer in business.

Out with the old, in with the new. Change may be scary to business owners, especially if they have been performing the same strategies year after year, but there are customers who are on social media and they are ready to buy.

• Utilize Facebook by creating a business page that is unique to what your company offers. This will allow you to develop an ongoing relationship with both new and current customers. Think of it as the new word of mouth marketing; friends and families will see the picture or post that your customer liked from your page.

• Sign up for Twitter. Don’t be afraid to communicate with your customers. Engage with them and take their reviews and criticism back to the drawing board so you can improve on products or services. Sometimes an unsatisfied customer will become more than satisfied if they see that your business is willing to make things right. Also, your Twitter followers will notice your company’s act of integrity.

• Post pictures on Instagram and use hash tags. Hash tags may seem unprofessional, or something that only teenagers use, but think of hash tags as an easy access to your marketing collection by the touch of a finger. “#YourCompanyName” and in an instant your customer will see every picture or post you have made. This will allow your followers to get to know “#YourCompanyName” and what you have to offer.

Do use social media marketing for your company, but don’t create accounts only to abandon them.

• Keep your information updated. There is nothing worse than having a potential customer turn away because your contact number is incorrect.

• Your company’s responsiveness is key. Answer important questions through your social media platforms to let customers know that you are reliable and that you care.

• Avoid ghosting your accounts. No one will follow your account if they see that your last tweet was posted more than a year ago.

• Build credibility through your engagement with followers. This will have a positive effect on the number of followers you will receive by the end of each month.

Cost-efficient, and sometimes even free marketing. It is free to sign your business up to social media networks. There is no monthly membership or hidden fee unless you decide you want to build traction and attract customers through their marketing options.

• Facebook allows you to pay a fee to promote your business page to new customers, and as a result, your page will show up on your target market’s news feed by default. Single posts made on your page may also be “boosted” for a small fee to reinforce your marketing strategy.

• Twitter lets their users convey messages in 140 characters, which keeps the message short, simple and straight to the point. Sometimes less is more and marketing through Twitter can be efficient and free.

• Instagram has adopted a promotion technique that is being executed by popular account holders. The account holder promotes the product by posting a picture of the product with a caption that contains a 20% referral code, along with a direct link to the product. This generates traffic to the company’s website which then exposes customers to other products.

Go ahead and change your traditional approach on marketing with social media marketing: a game changer in your business.

Social Media Marketing: Using Your Social Network Channels to Provide Value to Your Customers

Most industries are so competitive these days that having a social media presence has almost become a prerequisite just for staying afloat. Even most companies that have an existing company profile are way underutilizing the power of social networks. Here’s something to digest: conversions via social media are on average 13% higher than leads from traditional outbound methods, such as cold calling, TV commercials and flyer handouts. However, companies won’t see anywhere near that percentage if they just use their channel to send a quickie reminder here and there. To make your social network page work for you, provide consistent value to your followers rather than blasting them with endless promotional material.

Give Value to Your Followers

By Value, this means informative content free of promotional hype. Most consumers are bombarded by so much advertising online and offline that they can smell a snake oil salesman from a mile away. Don’t let your social network channel become a canvas for spitting out sales pitch after sales pitch. Value pertains to useful content related to your niche and may include the following:

• A link to your latest blog post or other related content (the post itself should be informative and not promotional)

• A link to a related YouTube video

• A quick, useful fact or word of advice

• A post answering a commonly asked question

If you own a health supplement e-store, for instance, then the following are some examples of posts that you can include:

• Please be sure to check out our latest blog post. It provides some amazing tips on how to maintain healthy eating habits when constantly traveling and dining at greasy spoons.

• Check out this video on how to properly execute bodyweight squats without over extending your knees.

• Remember to stay hydrated this winter. Dehydration can occur just as much in the cold as in the sweltering summer. A hydrated body is a happy body.

• Many of you have asked what the best ingredients are for a post-workout shake. The ingredients should provide enough protein, carbs and fat for your bodyweight as well as contain enough B-vitamins for replacing lost electrolytes.

Incorporating a Promotional Post

Of course, the real motivation for having a company social media profile in the first place is to raise awareness of your brand. Feel free to promote your products or service especially whenever there is noteworthy news, such as a product launch or discount. Just don’t go on a promotional rant about how good product X is or why product Y is the best thing since sliced bread. Keep the emphasis on informative content with promotional posts more as an afterthought.

Social networks provide a whole new communication channel for engaging with your customers. Their magic, however, can only go into full swing if you consistently provide value rather than being in hard sale mode all the time.

Growing Importance of Social Media For Staying Connected With Diverse Global Issues

Social media has become a popular platform among people. It helps them to express, promote and share opinions and comments on diverse issues. The platform of social media allows people to stay in touch with recent happenings in the society and encourages them to be involved in an active discussion with each other. It is a reliable platform where people can share their personal experiences on various subjects to create awareness among large group of audience. This medium has been playing an active role in mobilizing support of the people around the world to highlight issues like poverty, unemployment, global warming, illiteracy and many more.

Individuals also use this platform to highlight problems that are caused by negligence of local administrative authorities. They also utilize this dynamic medium to showcase and promote their brilliance in various professional fields. Governments around the world utilize various social media tools like Facebook, Twitter and others to stay in close touch with the citizens. Using these interactive tools they can easily assess the mood of the common people before framing any legislation or policy. It is due to this powerful medium that people can easily track the daily activities and performance of their governments in sectors like health, education and others.

Many commercial organizations have to depend on different social media platforms to easily reach before the target customer groups. Through this dynamic platform they can educate and create brand awareness among people around the globe. Different companies have to depend on this powerful medium to run online campaigns for drawing good response of customers towards their newly launched products and services. With the help of various tools of social media, firms can easily gauge the latest taste and preference of the consumers before introducing any commodity in the market.

It is because of social media that people can closely follow the activities and lifestyles of their favorite film stars, sport stars, political leaders, corporate barons and other notable persons. They can also easily share the opinions and comments of famous people among each other. Many celebrities use this platform to stay in close contact with their die-hard fans and to promote their commercial and philanthropic activities. Using various social media tools they also urge fans to share their endorsed products so as to maximize sale and publicity of the commercial commodities of different companies. They also use this medium to release trailers of their upcoming movies for increasing curiosity among people very easily. The impact and influence of social media cannot be ignored nowadays. It is becoming an important medium to stay connected with different global events through expressing and sharing diverse opinions with each other.

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12 Effective Social Media Tools in 2016 to Add to Your Resources

As we approach halfway through the year 2016, the social media experts have already started predicting its trend for the upcoming year. The fact is Social Media is definitely here to stay. The Social Media marketing has already penetrated into each of our work and life. With the days passing, it is becoming a more powerful mode of action for all the players.

You will surely agree that it is high time to organize and reshuffle the social media tools. Some addition of these game-changing tools can give you an idea of how successful this platform is for particular calculated objectives. You may update your game plan resources with the following social media tools.

1. Buffer

Do you wish to post your social content at one go? With Buffer tool, you can post content across several social media accounts. It is lot more easy and convenient. Now you may create and schedule your postings for various networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+ pages from a single window. As you create a queue for the postings, it saves you a substantial amount of time. With the detailed analytics in place, you clearly know the answer to the questions like what, when, where and why.

2. Canva

Images can give your content an entirely new life. Canva is a tool which helps you to find high-quality images on your budget. Your posts on social networking sites can have the much desired visual content at a nominal price. The various templates in this tool make you feel like a designer even if you are confused about the selection.

3. Edgar

Social media completely supports the re-use of the old content providing it’s relevant. But, often many important posts of high relevance stays hidden among the pile of posts that keep flowing daily on the social sites. Edgar is a tool or the solution to this problem. It helps you to trace some of the implausible content that may have been missed by the followers due to the flood of posts on the sites. Now, with this tool you may sort out the relevant post, track it and repost it for the followers in the future.

4. Brand24

It is very important to know and understand what the consumer’s view about your brand is, what is being said and what the consumer requirements are. Brand24 convey real-time info on your brand as well as your competitor brands. This repeated approach can help you successfully take action to optimistic and pessimistic remarks across your social networking platforms. This way you can remain connected with your audience in addition to efficiently measure any prospective sales opening.

5. Nuzzle

With a number of stories pouring in from your friends of various networking sites, Nuzzle helps in organizing the posts. This iOS plus web-based app combines information from the social media posts to provide you easy-to-read links. Nuzzle offers a way out for adding influencers that can give you control and benefit your own marketing requirements. You can know and understand your audience in a better light by accessing the posts from your friends of friends as well.

6. Social Clout

Social Clout is an analytical tool which can be used for making noteworthy development in keywords, campaigns, and engagement. You can also get access to social media consequences or outcomes and demographics. With the help of these records, several social networking account data can be obtained. These data can be used to keep a track of the development and also check the different reactions and answers on various platforms.

7. Cyfe

The social media tool musically free crown no survey box consists of several logical tools to comprehend with the processes. You can access analytics, Adwords and SEO detailed reports through Cyfe. You also get a complete account of your brand and easily affordable for even a small businessman. Cyfe provides you a fully personalized dashboard where you can evaluate and accumulate this data. Competitor research is another aspect that Cyfe takes care of, apart from the social media application. You can also get the complete report on the approaching trends and data actions through this industry aptitude tool.

8. Bundlepost

This tool helps in replacing the common functional keywords with the hashtags that helps to improve the results while scheduling your posts.

9. SecureMySocial

Employees are an integral part of your social network and if they violate the laws, it can affect your business directly. The SecureMySocial tool helps in tracking what is being said or done by your employees on the networking sites that might affect the company. With the help of this tool, you can get intimation instantaneously if any employee violates company laws and policies through the social media posts. You can get to know the person posting info and receive an alert to take necessary action to maintain your company’s repute.

10. Nuvi

This is an interesting tool that allows you to check what others cannot go through when it comes to Facebook talk, be it private or public. With Nuvi, you get a complete picture of other’s thought. This can help you in re- shaping your social media posts.

11. FollowerWonk

This tool is solely for the Twitter and helps in optimizing and analyzing the Twitter posts on the social network platform. From locating your followers to tracking deep down information, FollowerWonk optimizes your tweets and also able to track the new influencers.

12. Inkybee

Creating your brand and attracting more and more prospective customers is very essential. This tool helps to gain the potential customers by tracking the influencers who can elevate your brand. It helps in searching the social media famous personalities and bloggers who are interested in your industry so that you may connect with them for making a stronger brand presence on social media.


The above mentioned are the few tools that can drive traffic and boost your business through social media promotions. There are numerous such apps and tools that are worthy of your contemplation as the feasible solutions to augment your company’s social media investment and presence.

Essential Ingredients to Build a Brand for Your Small Business

For others, they may view branding with a slightly negative connotation and believe it’s too abstract. While those are all valid thoughts, the right type of branding can be very important for a business. When done correctly, branding helps to define a small business and gives people a reason to connect with it.

One of the ways to move away from the abstractness sometimes associated with branding and focus more on what it can actually do for your business is to look at its most important elements. That’s why we want to cover the essential ingredients to build a brand for your small business:

What’s Your Purpose?

Building a brand starts with defining why your business exists. On the surface, this may seem like a simple question to answer. But as you dig into it, you’ll likely notice that it’s surprisingly complex. Although it can take some time to get a clear and concise answer to this question, doing so will create the foundation for the rest of your branding efforts.

Staying Consistent

A brand is something that makes a promise. The specific promise will vary from one business to the next. Regardless of the specific promise your business makes with its brand, what’s extremely important is to stay consistent with that promise. In terms of how to do that, it’s something that needs to happen at every level of your business. From how you provide customer service to the visual elements you use across the social media dragon city free gems for your business, staying consistent will build the type of trust that your business needs in order to grow and thrive.

Involving Employees

Since purpose and consistency are key ingredients of a small business brand, it’s easy to understand why branding isn’t an activity that exists in a silo. For a brand to really mean something, every member of an organization needs to be involved. Another benefit of getting every employee fully on board with your brand is they will help you spread its message.

Building Loyalty

Employees aren’t the only ones who can spread the message of your brand. If you identify your purpose and create an organization where everyone consistently shares that message, you’ll gain loyal customers. These customers will act as evangelists for your brand and help grow it to levels via channels like word of mouth that you could have never done on your own.

Social media continues to be a very important part of building a small business brand. While staying on top of social media can seem quite challenging at times, there are ways to make it easier.